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Our Services

tree removal services

Tree Removal

Sometimes tree removal is unavoidable. Perhaps your tree has reached its life span and naturally dies out, or it overgrows its planted area.  Maybe it’s safety concerns, or to make your yard more aesthetically pleasing.    LEARN MORE
Tree elevation services

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming is the key to a healthy tree.  Trees that aren’t regularly trimmed can grow to look unbalanced and misshapen. Without trimming, trees can become weaker and will be less likely to survive. And …    LEARN MORE
Topping Tree Services

Tree Topping

Topping is a type of trim to reduce the height of a tree that is becoming too large. We make sure to carefully measure the crown of the tree and remove no more than 1/3 of the top the tree.  LEARN MORE
stump removal services

Stump Removal

Unsightly stumps can ruin your  home’s beautiful landscape.  It’s an easy and affordable service.  Call us today to schedule Challenger’s Professional Stump removing service at  614-778-3359.   LEARN MORE
Dead Wooding Services

Dead Wooding

Deadwood is not just an appearance issue it can seriously endanger your tree and anyone who makes a habit of walking under or near it. Rotting branches can actually spread the rot like an infection.

tree trimming in columbus, franklin County Ohio

Tree Thinning 

Thinning is where you remove inside green growth laterals to make the tree healthier so more nutrition may reach the outer crown of the tree. This service is requested to allow more sunlight to help grass grow under your tree.
landscaping services

Landscape Services

Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land such as Bush shaping, bed cleaning, mulching and bed edging.
snow removal services

Snow Removal

Snow removal or snow clearing is the job of removing snow after a snowfall to make travel easier and safer. This is done by both individual households and by governments and institutions. we provide salting and plowing.