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Why Remove Your Tree?

The goal of our tree removal services is to help our central Ohio area clients have the most attractive and healthy landscapes!

There are many reasons you may consider to have your tree removed. Some of the more
common reasons for tree removal that we experience are:

  1. Safety
  2. Tree Location
  3. Tree Health
  4. Construction Needs
  5. Personal Preference
  6. Property/Structural Damage

Dead or dying trees are weak and brittle, making them a huge safety concern. There are times that dead or dying trees make removal your best and in most cases, your only option.  It can be a hard decision to remove your tree. Often diseases, bugs, infestations can turn a once loved tree from an asset into a liability. Whatever the situation- Challengers is here for you. If you’re on the fence, and unsure of the best option for your beloved tree, call us at Challengers Tree and Landscaping Services and receive a free estimate. An experienced arborist will arrive at the scheduled time/date and with detail he will discuss your best options for your tree.

Some signs to look for that may indicate your tree is sick or dying may be:

It’s a host to critters and fungi, such as mushrooms at the base of the trunk.  Signs of root damage, such as thinning foliage, poor yearly growth, yellowing undersized leaves, brittle or peeling bark, vertical cracks on the trunk of the tree. Cavities in the trunk or large scaffold branches. Dead or hanging branches in the upper crown There are few healthy leaves left on the branches.

Tree Removals can be messy.
The tree piles left after a removal are surprisingly large, what once looked tall and thin into the sky doesn’t look the same on the ground. There are two options we offer when we quote you for your tree removal:

  • Option 1- Take the debris Option
  • Option 2- Leave the debris

Whatever you decide, we make it our mission to make sure your yard looks better than before!  Our job is to make your experience with Challengers stress free, on all fields.

Here at Challengers, we specialize in removing trees of all types, shapes and sizes. Be it an enormous tree in a tight space, over a roof, a pool or out in an open yard. Our experienced crew can and will carefully remove almost any tree from almost any location.  Depending on where your tree is located, there are different techniques that we utilize to safely and effectively remove your tree in a timely manner.

Our most popular method of tree removal is with a tree climber.

Larger limbs are cut into smaller pieces and eased to the ground using ropes. This allows us to safely remove and control the larger branches, therefore eliminating damage to the structures below. Smaller branches are also removed from the outside edges of the canopy, back to the main trunk.  Once the tree trunk is all that remains, we begin piecing it off until it becomes as low as possible to the earth, only a few inches above grade. Depending on the size of the tree trunk, we have stump grinding options available

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