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Tree Pruning and Trimming

At Challenger’s, the goal of our tree  pruning and trimming services is to help our central Ohio area clients have the most attractive and healthy trees!

Why Trimming Your Trees Is Important

It’s all about keeping your landscaping attractive!   With Challengers Tree Service you can get a free review and cost estimate of having your trees trimmed and pruned. Many home and business owners in Columbus and central Ohio area have set up regular (annual) service intervals with us to  remove dead or broken limbs to help keep your trees healthy. The cost of tree trimming depends on a variety of factors.   Contact us for a free estimate!

Pruning vs. Trimming

These two terms are often used interchangeably by tree care professionals and customers alike, to describe the removal tree limbs. While this is acceptable when referring to basic tree limb removal, there are distinct differences between the two when considering one’s purpose for the tree limb removal.

  • Pruning is the removal of dead, infected/diseased, or structurally compromised tree limbs.
  • Trimming is the controlling or the cutting back of limbs that have outgrown the tree. Trimming is also used to describe landscaping performed on bushes and shrubs.

Pruning and trimming of your trees is not only aesthetically pleasing to you and your neighbors; it can also minimize property damage from storms, improve the overall health of your tree, and increase the flower and fruit production in your garden beds.

Customarily the best time to trim or prune your trees, is during the Fall and Winter months. Trees are dormant during this time and less susceptible to insects and diseases. Putting your pruning off until late Winter promotes fast regrowth in the Spring.

The Clean Out

Proper maintenance pruning is often referred to as a “clean-out”  this includes the selective removal of crossing, co-dominant, dead, diseased, and dying limbs. When done correctly, this establishes proper branching structure to help develop a stronger, healthier tree canopy.

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