Stump Removal Services

The Stump Removal Method

The goal of our tree stump removal services is to help our central Ohio area clients have a safe, healthy and attractive landscape.

Tree removal always leaves behind a stump where the last cut to a tree was made. What is left behind are roots in the ground and the base of the tree. If left to it’s own demise, the stump can take many years to decompose creating optimal grounds for termites and other invasive insects and rodents. That is why we offer our stump grinding service. We will use our stump grinding machine to grind the stump and roots to approximately 8-10 inches below ground level; leaving you with regained space to create your dream yard.

Why Tree Stump Removal is Necessary

Probably the most common reason to remove a tree stump is that it often makes your lawn unsightly.  Stumps can make a beautiful yard look shabby and unkept.  Removing the tree stump instantly improves the look of your yard.

Bugs Love Rotting Tree Stumps

Termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and many other wood-boring insects seem to love tree stumps.  Once they make a home in your tree stump, it is easy for them to spread to other healthy trees and shrubs on your property.  Even the wood in your home could be at risk.

Decay and Mold

A tree stump can also grow fungi, which is dangerous for pets and small children. It is best to get the entire stump removed to prevent decay, mold, or infected wood from spreading. The health of your yard depends on it.

Tree stumps can be dangerous

Parents:  Children often love to play in the yard.   Tree stumps are a hazard and eliminating the tree stump eliminates a major worry of your children running and tripping over the stump.

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